This is where I refer to myself in the third person, as if this had been written by an intern:

Frankie was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. He attended The Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, followed by Booker High School of Visual and Performing Arts. At 16, Frankie became a touring member of Planned Parenthood's Source Theater, performing in public schools all over Florida.

Frankie graduated from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts[:School of Film and Television] in 2011 and has appeared in a Converse Digital Short, a web commercial for Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards, and he has freelanced with PandaPanther as an animation actor for Nintendo Wii's 'Skylanders.’ (No, he didn’t get to wear a sexy leotard with lightbulbs).

Frankie is one half of the sketch duo RosaBaby Comedy. RosaBaby's sketches have accumulated over a million views on Facebook and been featured in Huffington Post, Funny or Die, Occupy Democrats, Who Haha, and Go Magazine. In 2013, Frankie co-wrote 'When the Party Ends' with director KT Curran which was accepted into the Cannes Short Film Corner. In addition to writing, acting, and producing, ya girl is a storytelling coach for Entrepreneurs in Training at Barnard College

Frankie would like to keep making people laugh. He really likes to wear wigs and rap, sometimes both at the same time. He is an avid supporter of the canine breed known as The Dachshund, and he hopes one day to thank Amy Poehler in person for her infinite grace and beauty.